Our mission is to deliver innovative technologies that enable industry to increase profitability while meeting increasing environmental standards and demands.

Here is the "EBITA" you are missing

1.  Offshore Drilling Contractor - 

      Example- 500 Liter HiMSEN diesel operating 4000 hours/year

                      Can generate 1000 tons NOX per year.  1 ton NOX=$50,000 at market.

                      We clean emissions and reduce NOX between 10% and 30%.

                      Bottom line - each motor can generate between $5,000,000 to $15,000,000 

                                           in NOX offsets.  Cash.  There is a process in place (that isn't                                                 going away) to monetize cleaner emissions.  And we can help                                               you do that.

2.  Onshore FRAC rig running 4000 hours a year (8760 hrs in a year)

       Example-CAT3512 diesel powerplant (4000 hrs a year)

                      Generates between 25 to 100 tons NOX per year.  1 ton NOX=$50,000.  Each FRAC rig can bring the owner                                       between $1.25M to $5M USD in cash.

                               In addition to the money generated at market with NOX savings, there is also a 8% to 15% reduction in                                           diesel consumption and a reduction in DEF and SCR usage as well due to cleaner emissions and differential                                 NOX sensors smelling cleaner exhaust and not turning on after treatment systems as much.  This results in                                   higher up times for these revenue generators, reducing operating and financial risks due to reduced through                                   put of down engines.

3.  Tugboat/Workboat (running 200L EMD, KTA 38, Detroit V12/16, etc)

                              These boats generate between 100 to 200 tons of NOX per year.

                              NET total NOX savings can be between $2M to $5M per boat.