Products: Engine sizes from 10L to 500L HiMSEN

10-20 Liter Diesel and CNG/LNG Engines

Our smallest hydrogen system easily mounts off the frame rail or behind the cab on most Class 8 Tractors. 


MPG improvement is between 8% and 15%


EGT's run 150F to 250F cooler under load

Emissions equipment stays cleaner longer with less required maintenance...because it's activated less with cleaner NOX levels due to cleaner fuel burn

For over the road fleets, ROI typically 9-12 mos

21-80 Liter Diesel and CNG/LNG Engines

Our medium industrial hydrogen system will work on small to medium marine craft (Tug boats, Work Boats, Oil Rig Service Fleets)

Easily retrofits in less than 1 day


Fuel reduction of 8% to 15%


Diesel engine oil runs cleaner longer

Emissions are 10% to 30% cleaner running hydrogen injection

ROI typically 6 months

81-500 Liter Diesel and CNG/LNG Engines

Our large industrial hydrogen system will work on locomotives, ocean going Tugboats, Offshore drill engines, Freighter engines.

Drilling Contractors: Lower carbon footprint with continuous reporting and validation.


Quantifiable "Green" claim.


Reduce CO2, NO, NO2, PM

ROI typically 6 months