The Products


The H5 is an engineered and refined industrial product, based on electrolysis, that converts distilled water back into it's base elements.  The vapors are immediately used by the engine, and are never stored or pressurized.  The "smart controller" then injects the precise amount of hydrogen, or hydrogen and oxygen into the intake system.  This base system is good for intermittent use applications, like stand by generators.  For extended use, and products covered by Extended Warranty or Service Agreements, current customers are offered incentives to upgrade to the H5T, which enables the serviceable components to last many times longer, and increasing service intervals and up time rates.


The H5T is Commercial Hydrogen's main product for both the Commercial and Oil Field Markets.  After years and 1000s of run hours in the field, the H5T is the culmination of all the sub components and technology innovation and integration.  The H5T is both smaller and lighter than previous generation technologies.

H5T is designed to be operated continuously, as needed, with no degradation in either performance or component longevity.

A Commercial Truck Fleet can anticipate a 30 minute service requirement during normal scheduled maintenance cycles.  This primarily includes visual and system diagnostics and catalyst replenishment, every 12,000 to 15,000 miles, depending on service intervals.